We care

We believe in taking responsibility by acting good. For us, that means creating a hotel experience that is safe, including and resource efficient. In other words: as a guest you can relax - our staff is happy with fair working conditions, we support social welfare, the environment is treated with respect and the coffee is always green ( no matter it you drink it black or with cream).

Only low flow showers and taps
All toilets are low flush
Towel re-use program
All waste is sorted into 14 fractions
Saving electricity by card switches
Minimizing single-use plastics
Noot´s focus is ecological and seasonal products
Internship program for newly arrived
Supporting social welfare organizations
Sponsoring SOS Children´s villages in Ukraine
We live up to the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol, verified by SGS.

  1. Monday - Thursday
  2. Friday - Saturday
  3. Sunday

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