Lars Wallin Suite

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Welcome to the Lars Wallin Suite

Outstanding Swedish designer Lars Wallin has created a truly magical, world-class corner suite. With his sense of aesthetics, durability and harmony, he has not only created a unique and fabulous suite, but invited us into his world. "This suite should radiate glamour and timeless luxury. It should reflect a balance of both male and female, of my world and of the hotel's own design language," says Lars. Are you getting married, celebrating a special day or do you want to treat yourself to something out of the ordinary? Welcome! 

Marvel at the Lars Wallin Suite 
One of Lars' great qualities is attention to detail. He thinks through everything with you as the guest in focus. The furniture is handpicked and comes from companies such as BoConcept, but almost all the furnishings such as the table, bar, trellis, bed and more have been designed by Lars himself and built by Sibab Interiör AB. The luxurious textiles come from Italy, before being sewn up locally in Gothenburg. Folkers, an old lace factory from the 19th century, has supplied fringes, created from recycled antique threads. Beauty products are specially selected from Lernberger Stafsing. The china Lars designed for Fyrklövern can be found in the suite, as well as his own photo art. One of the paintings is created for The Awareness Art Project for the benefit of The Perfect World Foundation, where the proceeds go if someone wants to buy the painting. Don't forget to admire the wallpaper from Rebel Walls. Lars had the wallpaper hand-embroidered with silver beads and then photographed. All the practical details are also well thought-out. For example, hooks in the wardrobe are set high up, so that a long dress can hang straight. There is room for two at the mirrors where you get ready, rounded corners and shapes so that no item of clothing snags on it and the sofa is an ideal spot for photos. 

In addition to this, if you book the suite you have: 
• Access to a concierge during your stay 
• Free access to the Executive Lounge 
• Free access to Hagabadet's Spa 


  1. Monday - Thursday
  2. Friday - Saturday
  3. Sunday

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