Our composting machine

Our composting machine allows us to take a huge leap in our sustainability efforts. It's no secret that food waste is a huge environmental problem, with 30-40% of all food produced being thrown away. Working in the restaurant industry, we have considered how best we can minimise our impact and when our Food & Beverage Manager presented the idea of our own composting machine it felt like an obvious step. Thanks to this initiative, we will be able to reduce our food waste by 80-90% annually. The end product is a soil that is approved for organic growing, which means we're not just taking care of our food waste, we're also contributing to Gothenburg's growth. In the true sense of the word. Our hope is that vegetable growers in and around Gothenburg will come to us and pick up our soil for us in their gardens. 

How does it work? 

We fill the machine daily with food waste from our restaurants and 24 hours later we have around 25kg of ready-to-use soil. The machine is emptied every eighth day and has capacity of around 150kg/day. 

  1. Monday - Thursday
  2. Friday - Saturday
  3. Sunday

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